Train Your Mind to Success

Why does it feel so hard to do small things that can improve your life? This relates to the way our mind is designed. Our minds are designed to stop you through all kinds of ways from doing something that can hurt you. There are so many people in the world with great and brilliant ideas, but lacking motivation. The way our minds and brains are designed. Our nervous arrangement is not designed to do something uncomfortable or frightening or difficult. Our brains are designed to protect us from these things. Our brain is designed to maintain our survival.

And to be able to change, build a successful business, be a good partner who does what you know you want to do with your life, your work, and your dreams. You have to do things that are difficult, uncertain, scary, and this is where the problem lies.

We cannot control the incidents, but we can choose where to focus, perception and interpretation of what we want to give to a phenomenon, we can choose what we want to do. We are free in determining these 3 things, free to choose and decide. To control our lives. You can always decide. This is always in your control.

Keeping relationships with people who treat you like something which useless, is a decision. Staying on the job you hate is a decision. Keeping your body shape that you can't be proud of, is a decision. To change is actually easy and simple, but your task is to push yourself to change. To try and even force yourself to change.

People who achieve success are not the smartest, but who rarely procrastinate and make excuses, and take action every day towards the goals they want to achieve.

Inability to make decisions is an opportunity thief. The inability to make decisions means allowing the door of opportunity that was previously open to be closed. The inability to make decisions means letting the opportunity go. The inability to make decisions means delaying what can be done, or even not doing at all. If you want to be successful in any way in life, do not occasionally set targets without being accompanied by something to achieve them.

There are moments for 5 seconds when we know what to do. And if we don't move, don't take action in this 5-second period, our brain will take over and talk. Everyone has a period of 5 seconds, maybe even shorter. To move from ideas to actions, before our brains interfere and sabotage the changes we want to achieve.

Your life is what you think it should be. Not exactly how it is now. You are what you think you should be. If you don't like how you are now, you have to change to what you think you should be. If you want to change, you have to work on it.

That's the similarity that all great people have. They think of small things. They consider small thing is important. They pay great attention to every detail. What makes you comfortable, over time will destroy you. The only way to grow is through discomfort. What you are now and how you become, is determined by how you use your time.

A billionaire and a beggar both have 24 hours a day. You have control of how you use your time. Your life is determined by your decision. When you change your decision, you change everything. When you are aware of the decision-making power in 5 seconds, and you realize that you can choose not to obey an auto pilot and become a decision maker, everything in your life will change. Because you realize how much garbage you put in that has blocked your way to dreaming and developing potential.

Always be responsible. Don't make excuses and blame others or anything. Control your ego. Be responsible for everything in your world. Whether it's good or bad. Be responsible for your mistakes, your shortcomings, your failures, your successes, problems, solutions that can solve those problems. Take responsibility for your mission. Your job, future, and your life.

The first source of inspiration is: decide. The second source of inspiration is: planning. And the source of great inspiration is: get started. Getting start. Change ideas, realize plans into action. Discipline can help you work on and solve many things. And when you get things done, this means you are successful. 90% of success is showing up and doing the work, every day - appearing every day and doing what really has to be done, every day.

You will not feel okay and positive every day. If you only go to the gym, if you only write, if you only work when you feel okay and positive, you will fail. Discipline begins with waking up in the morning. But this is just the beginning. Good start. Discipline is all good quality, but must be accompanied by application. Not just getting up early. But work, every day. To make yourself stronger, faster, more flexible and healthier. This is a matter of disciplining your feelings and emotions, so you can make good decisions. Do the tasks that you really don't want to do. But you know it will help you. It's useful. And that is good for you.

Discipline is important for your life. Discipline is not punishment. Greet self discipline in your life. Make yourself known to people, make people know you not because you are a good salesman, not because you are a good businessman, etc ... but make them know you and say, "He works. He produces something. He shows up every day. "

Because no matter how great your abilities, your talents, your skills, your ideas, if you are not disciplined at work, you will not succeed.

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