What is Comfort Zone?

Comfort zone is part of basic human psychological problems. According to Alasdair Behavioral Psychology expert A. K. White in his book 'From Comfort Zone to Performance Management' said that, a comfort zone is a situation where a person feels accustomed and comfortable because he/she is able to control his/her environment. In this situation, the person rarely feels anxious and rarely experiences stress that causes stress. So, whatever makes us comfortable and reluctant to leave because we are afraid that something will happen if we leave it is our comfort zone. Afraid to try something new is the simplest definition of the phrase 'stuck in the comfort zone'.

Humans are creatures who always repeat their habits. If you have good habits, you will be a good person. Similarly, if you have bad habits, you will also be a bad person. This certainly applies in daily life. We often make repetitive habits that make us trapped in a comfort zone.

Doing whatever we like, pursuing it to make it our profession, maybe we really want it. There will be a feeling of being free, comfortable and pleasant when doing it. We are accustomed and become more comfortable because we are free to do what we like.

But not all of the things we like can help us to develop. Too happy to be in a comfort zone sometimes keeps us closed and limits ourselves to our own gestures. If it's not what we like, it's like there's no reason for us to do it. Then can this make us grow? Isn't it best once in our age to try to get out of our comfort zone? Why?

Being in a comfort zone can mean you are somewhere or doing a certain job for a long time and you are sure to feel very comfortable.

Comfort zone is a situation that often shackles humans in the world of stagnation and chaos. It seems calm, but actually deadly. Many people feel at home in the comfort zone and don't want to leave because they feel satisfied with this situation.

The sign that you are stuck in a comfort zone is that you always choose safe and predictable ways, you tend to be afraid when you find new things and try to avoid them.

People who have been trapped with a comfort zone are like birds in a cage. It think that flying is a crime. Even though flying is the instinct of every bird. But because it is too long in a cage, the thinking paradigm can change 180 degrees, to the contrary from its nature.

Life is a series of ongoing processes. Every day we are ordered to be better than the previous days. Whoever today is the same as yesterday, then he/she is among those who lose. Especially if today is worse than yesterday, then he/she is a wretched person. And sinking into a comfort zone will gradually lead us to the category of people who are losing, even wretched.

Comfort zone is a dangerous zone. Humans are blessed with all the potential that must be used as much as possible to carry out the task as caliph on earth. If it is not used as a function and purpose of its creation, what does it mean to our lives as humans? Is it enough to stagnate?

People who are accustomed to living in a golden cage called a comfort zone, then they will assume that getting out of it is somethings that is scary and dangerous. They prefers to live in confinement which will eventually make them die without leaving anything useful for others.

Too long living in a comfort zone can make our lives never change and develop to be better than before. You will be constantly haunted by fear and hesitation to try to do and learn new things. In fact, by learning new things and getting new problems that you have never get before, is the key to the change and development of your life.

With the courage to get out of our comfort zone, we will find many lessons about life. About struggle, sacrifice, and hard work and the complexity of life's problems that require us to be a leader for ourself and others.

Getting out from your comfort zone will train you to believe in yourself. You will be increasingly convinced that as a human, you are blessed with advantages that make you able to survive even though you often receive difficulties. You are a human with strength that you may often ignore.

Trying new things can help you find out how you are. What you really like. You will also realize that you can fight and survive even though you have experienced many difficulties.

You have the same rights as other people. Try what you like and even try what you fear. You only need to fight fear. No need to immediately become successful. Because everything needs time and adjustments.

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