Cyber School Learning

Cyber school model is a learning design that uses online method with internet-based information technology. Technological developments that are very fast, willing or not, require the human to learn by using internet technology. Learning has no longer to be by meeting directly with learning resources, but learners can find their own learning resources. Currently the internet is very instrumental in disseminating latest educational information in the world of education.

According to Turban, Rainer, and Potter, Internet is a large network that connect computer network, both from business organizations, government organizations, and schools from around the world directly and quickly. Based on this, it is very important for educational institutions or practitioners to develop internet-based learning in the present to pursue a lag.

Cyber school—This is the same as e-learning or virtual school. These words are used interchangeably and denote instruction via the Internet. (Elizabeth Kanna)

“E-Learning is a broad set of applications and prosesses which include web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual and digital classrooms. Much of this is delivered via the internet, intranets, audio and vidiotape, satellite broadcast, interactive TV, and CD ROM. The definition of e-learning varies depending on the organization and how it is used but basically it is involves elektronic means communication, education and training”.  (The American Society for training and Development/ASTD)

A majority of virtual schools appear to be using web- or Internet-based instruction as their only distance learning method. (Clark)

A cyber school, also called a virtual school, is an educational institution that provides instruction via internet. Cyber School is available for students of all ages and grade levels from pre-kindergarten to high school, plus PhD students. Cyber schools are increasingly becoming more popular because students realize that getting an education or an online degree is easier for them.

From the various opinions of the experts above, Cyber school is the same as e-learning education or virtual schools where learners use and are based on the web or the internet.

Cyber school is able to meet teaching and learning needs, because Google classroom is able to facilitate learning activities according to purpose, relevant to needs, more effective and efficient. But there must be confirmation and meeting directly in class.

The main purpose of cyber school learning is to facilitate the implementation of learning without having to interfere with the work or busyness of students because learning can take place anytime, anywhere and even not necessarily face to face directly.

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