How to free ourselves from Poverty with Escape Plan

How to free ourselves from poverty with Escape Plan - The main causes of poverty are mindset and laziness. If people want to free themselves from poverty, people have to change their mindset, and work hard. There are some people who disagree, as if I want to say that poor people are lazy. Poverty, they said, is not merely a matter of hard work or lazy, but also related to government policies. They call it structural poverty. "Lacking how else the workers or coolies work, they are still poor," they said.

When talking about poverty and the poor, I prefer to talk about it as "we are", not "them". So, when I talk about laziness, it is not to accuse or demean, but as an evaluation to improve. It's a matter of looking for what's wrong, not blame.

Many people work hard, but remain poor. What's missing then? I like to suppose that poverty is like gravity. We and all mass objects are bound by the Earth's gravitational force. If we jump up, we will be pulled back to the earth. If we fly by plane, we have to land again.

Can we escape the gravitational bond? Yes, we can. But, we need big energy. That energy is equivalent to what needed to throw objects at speeds of 11.2 km / sec, or 40,322 km / hr. This speed is called an escape velocity. How fast is that? The record for the highest speed of an airplane to date is 3,530 km per hour, far below the blurring speed.

Astronauts can free themselves from gravitational bonds of the earth. With rockets that carry large amounts of energy fuel. Some energy is used in a long time. The large amounts of energy are needed, and it also takes a long time. If it's not enough, it can't be helped, we will fall back to earth.

Similarly, work to free yourself from poverty. Just hard work is not enough. We need to work hard for a long time, and also need a strategy to ensure that we don't fall back. I call it an escape plan.

Here are some keys to the escape plan to free yourself from poverty.

First, make sure we work with adequate income. Working without adequate income, how hard, however long, will not free us from poverty. In essence, there must be some money from our income that we set aside to increase our energy in order to free ourselves earlier.

What if what we receive at the moment turns out to be lacking? Find another job. But what if there are no other choices? There are always other choices! People who say there is no other choice are people who suffer from poor mental illness. That makes him unable to get out of poverty.

Sorry, I have to say this. I see so many people doing work without a future. They only work enough to eat everyday, even less. But they don't want to change jobs. Most say, there is no other choice. There are many choices, and taken by others. Other people can, why don't we?

Want a real example? Job as pak ogah, hawkers, and the like, are not jobs that can free ourselves from poverty. Even if possible, a very specific strategy is needed, which will be explained later.

Second, do work with increased income. Without improvement, we will continue to work for a long time, and it is difficult to escape poverty. But how? If we are traders, try to sell more than others, by looking for strategic selling place, or items sold. Save some income to be used as capital, increase the stock of product. Or, use it as capital to hire other people.

Is this all real? Yes, this is real. There are many people who succeed in this way. Unfortunately, more people survive, are closely tied to the comfort zone which is actually very uncomfortable, namely poverty. So, this is the answer to the question above. Just hard work is not enough to be free from poverty. Need to work with improvement.

Third, concerned. Refrain from luxury in any form. There are many people who immediately want to enjoy luxury when they have just made a better income than before. Some are not even aware that additional income is temporary. They thought it was eternal, then spree. When the source is gone, then they regret it.

Fourth, do anything. Anything that can increase income, make our lives better. If we can't, study. Never limit yourself by saying you can't. Many people succeed this way. Try, learn, try again, until it works. In the same way they continue to grow.

The four points above may not be enough to make us free from poverty. But the four points are fundamental. Without it, we will not be able to free ourselves.

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