Let Yourself to Change and Move on

The 360 ​​° assessment that Joseph Folkman did with more than 50,000 leaders, they were asked to rank the importance of 16 competencies. At each level, these leaders place "Self-development" in the last place. While self-development is the gateway to the development of every competency, and this should not be ignored.

Self-development still has a common thread with introspection. Because only by introspection we will want to do self-development. By analyzing and observing leaders who are at the 90th and 10th presentation on the effectiveness of this competency, Joseph Folkman found six reasons why people fail on self-development:

  1. They don't know how to listen
  2. They are not open to other people's ideas
  3. They are not honest with themselves
  4. They don't take the time to develop other people
  5. They did not take the initiative

The results of this assessment may remind you of some figures you know that are difficult to change, but who are more often able to give long advice about how others should change and improve. And the reasons certainly make us unable to understand, why are these people testing our patience to wait for them to change.

For example, the first and second points, how does an undeveloped person not know how to listen (or don't intentionally listen?) And not be open to other people's ideas. Add the third supporting point, where they decide to close the eyes - close the ears - close the heart, to other people's input. So the pattern is as follows: dishonestly recognizes things that need to be corrected in him, closes himself from other people's ideas, so that when others give input he doesn't know how to listen - only hears selectively (even very likely indeed decides to ignore).

How dangerous is this? If you have personal experience facing a person like this, of course you feel the effect. You can mention what things are affected, such as personal awards, to engagement from other team members with them. The problem is, what if you are one of the people who is difficult to move on? It's difficult to move on from your old self, which needs updating. Let's go back to the results of the assessment.

Self-development is the last thing that is considered important by respondents. In other words, it is considered the least important. What about your opinion? Please try to note what are the benefits of self-development, for yourself to career achievement. After that, ask one simple thing, for example about career. If career advancement is important to you, consider this. If you are considered to be a candidate, a candidate for management in your career, you have more competence than others, so don't you want to be included in that candidate list? If your answer is "Yes", then what do you need to change or improve?

Not so difficult. By starting the first simple step to be honest with yourself, we have begun to change. It's time to move on.

Lots of people have ideas about how other people have to change. But very few people have ideas about how they must be change.

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