How to overcome the negative effects of Internet

So often people ask, how to prevent or overcome the negative effects of the internet. What the answer?

First, the question is actually surprising. Why do people ask so often about the negative effects? While people rarely ask about how to expand the positive effects or benefits.

The answer to the question "what are the benefits of the internet" is a vast, unlimited ocean. So my advice is to keep learning and ask about the benefits of the internet, until you have no time to ask about the negative effects.

Note that even the kitchen knife has a negative effect. Why don't people ask about the negative effects of a kitchen knife? Because they really understand its positive effects.

Why think about the negative effects of the internet? Because we really do not use the internet for a purpose. Try checking for yourself, when do you start using the internet?

That is, we have something that from the beginning we don't know its benefits. We have something not because we need. The existence of something, at first not for our needs.

When people put up the internet at home, they also don't think about what the purpose is. Something that is without purpose, ultimately does have a negative effect. Because from the beginning we had no purpose to use it. What appears is only unplanned effects.

So, if I am asked about how to overcome the negative effects of internet, the easiest way is to break it. Disconnect your internet connection until you really know what you are using the internet for. You also know how to use the internet for your children. If it's clear and firm, then you don't need to worry about negative effects.

Many people who stutter when asked to disconnect the internet connection, although he also does not understand why he uses the internet. This illustrates our big problem, where people are used to living and acting without purpose. This is what also happens to our generations.

There are millions of children who live aimlessly, don't know what they want to be, what they want to learn. They were sent to school, without knowing what they wanted to learn. They have no ideals. Even if you have one, you don't know the way to achieve it.

Children who are aimless, if they have internet, what will they do? Play games without limits. Actually it's not just the internet that damages them. Anything can damage. Delicious food can damage people who live aimlessly. Food will make him obese.

So, if you want your children not to suffer the negative effects of the internet, give them a goal. Accompany them walking towards that destination. In that case you will find out how useful the internet is.

The rest, I will only offer classic formulas in parenting, such as communication that is maintained, so we always know what the child is doing. Also balance between immovable activities, moving activities, such as sports and doing housework.

Hasanudin Abdurakhman/

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