Start with what we can do

The sophisticated things we see now starts from very simple things. All the technology we enjoy now starts from the simple one. Technology is not made to pursue sophistication, but to achieve goals. To solve the problem.

Schlumberber wants to measure well parameters. So they make a tool that can be used for that purpose, from what they currently have. They create something that does not yet exist, but the basis is from what around them.

That is how technology is produced. From where someone stood at one time, he took a step forward. From there he took another step forward. After decades, he had advanced several hundred kilometers. He had already left the point where he had started.

There is an important point. If we want to do something, start from what we have, than we can. Don't dream about something great and big, waiting for us to have it. Finally we never start.

If we face problems, solve them the way we can, with the resources we have. Don't expect or wish with something sophisticated or effective, and we don't move to solve problems.

This sounds like a very simple formula. But in this world there may be tens or hundreds of millions people who don't do their desires, because they don't start. They are waiting for something, which never comes. Even though they will get something if they start.

You want to start doing business, start with existing capital. Do not wait for a bank with a billion credit to start. Want to write a book or article, start with the first word in your mind.

Want to get married, marry someone who wants to you. There are so many people who never get married because they expect the dreamless couple in the real space.

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